Facebook's Registration Process

  1. first we identify you and verify your existence
  2. please also provide us your birthday for a customized experience according to your age
  3. then decide if you are a man or a woman and decide this now
  4. and what else... you can’t become without agreeing with our terms
  5. this bondage starts hardcore (gmail notification sound!)
  6. we have established a cross platform collaboration for your convenience
  7. connectivity rules! you are not alone
  8. while we categorise your geolocation we also want to start building your cultural profile
  9. please begin with the educational and academic aspects of you
  10. connectivity didn’t go away, do not worry
  11. find your friends, they might feel lonely without you here
  12. is connectivity obvious?
  13. if not obvious enough we are offering you a chance to see it by connecting to the world through your face
  14. the history of cameras has always been a strong fight against surveillance and face recognition for state purposes
  15. we build your profile through tagging and assigning yourself to particular categories
  16. we all deserve one more coherent layer in our face recognition and connectivity within the network
  17. and here we are you just have to classify yourself under these interest categories while our algorithm will provide you with what you like what you want to see and what you are
  18. in case of unstable identities this is the place to understand who you really are, don’t rely on yourself, it’s meaningless
  19. what makes you what you are is your endless fight with our apparatus