We are the workers of the Web

We have to stop thinking that the issue with Internet is about individual privacy, that it's just a matter of consciousness, of changing practices, and knowing the dangers.
The only role left for us if we continue discussing in these terms is to become digital conscientious objectors, looking in horror how everything goes to shit, gathering anecdotes to convince the apathetic multitude.

We are the workers of the Web.

We have to assume that by using Facebook, Google, Twitter, and any other platform, we're not getting anything gratis, but we aren't giving ourselves in kind either. What we are doing is working.
These platforms are the cognitive factory, the walls are their production line, usability is Taylorism. The work force is our idling time.
And now is where privacy enters, as commodity, not as a exchange currency for the service. Facebook can't pay us wages in privacy units.

If we're going to demand something, our demand will be to be paid for everything we share and every search we make. If we're going to struggle, it will be for the self-organization of networks, for our free time!

"Facebook should pay all of us"1 concludes similarly but the premises are differ totally.
If I recall correctly, Christian Fuchs in Immaterial Labour Union2 proposes that these corporations finance universal basic income.

Author's contact details: fauno@endefensadelsl.org

1: http://www.newyorker.com/business/currency/facebook-should-pay-all-of-us
2: http://ilu.servus.at