"How to Make Yourself Into A Commissioning Body in 5 Easy Steps"

Anxious to Make pt.1

The art collective, Anxious to Make, is taking artistic entrepreneurship to the next level. From existential anxiety to art market worthy end product, Anxious to Make proposes that by outsourcing all of the facets of artistic practice (and life) to gig workers and algorithms, anyone can make themselves into a creative enterprise and achieve the neoliberal dream.

Anxious to Make developed a workshop and methodology – along with a series of online generators, commissioned performances, interactive quizzes, and an analog algorithm, made literally out of paper – to walk artists through common blockages and offer solutions that can be commissioned through the sharing economy, gesturing toward an endless productive duplication.

Samples of Materials Available

1.The Workbook

Anxious to Make pt.2

πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ DOWNLOAD HERE: http://anxioustomake.ga/5easysteps.html


As you make your way through the workbook, some of the questions, or anxieties, lead to solutions in the form of online generators, or bots, that help artists outsource and automate many tasks, from coming up with a project idea to finding new channels for distribution of artworks.

Examples include a Project Generator, a Brand Generator, a Publicity Generator, a New ID Generator, a More Important Art Generator, and a Mug/Rug Generator, among others.

-Project Generator-

😬 ANXIETY: Are you having trouble coming up with an idea?

SOLUTION: The Project Generator generates thousands of different project permutations from a matrix of topics, materials, qualities, and sharing economy resources through which production can be outsourced.

Anxious to Make pt.3

-Brand Generator-

😬 ANXIETY: Do you see yourself as both an artist and β€œbrand” that distributes your work?

SOLUTION: The Brand Generator generates an explosion of random falling branded objects. Clicking on any object will open up a new window, where users can order a customized version of that product to promote their own brand identity.

Anxious to Make pt.4

-Publicity Generator-

😬 ANXIETY: Do you need additional help or resources for branding and/or distribution?

SOLUTION: The Publicity Generator cycles through a series of Fiverr gigs suitable for generating PR and setting up new distribution channels. When you see one you like, click on the banana to commission your own.

Anxious to Make pt.5

-Mug/Rug Generator-

😬 ANXIETY: Do you feel tongue-tied, or that the words come out wrong, whenever you try to describe your work to others? Do you often feel misunderstood?

SOLUTION: Never talk about your work again. Mug/Rug Generator lets you put your ideas on a mug or rug. Custom mug/rug can be ordered on Anxious to Make’s store.

Anxious to Make pt.6