Editors' Note #6

Welcome to the 6th issue of the Immaterial Labour Union zine! Our newest issue serves as a continuation of the previous one, ‘narrowing’ the theme of the Like Buttons down to its most recent iteration: the Facebook Reactions.
A small introduction of our current issue’s content: Juliana Silva introduces us to the hypocrisy of hiding behind 6 templated feelings; Fauno calls on us, the workers of the web, to struggle for our self-organisation; Δεριζαματζορ Προμπλεμ ιναυστραλια remixes emojis and isotype units, Template bring us insights from their research about... template culture; Klara Vincent-Novotna designs a poetic declaration on the psychological effects of networked capitalism; Silvio Lorusso introduces us to the corporate instrumentalisation of our “mood-hacking”.Erik H Zepka declares his quantified love for quantification and Jess MacCormack’s reaction is to burst into flames.

Contributions by: Erik Zepka, Fauno, Jess MacCormack, Juliana Silva, Klara Vincent-Novotna, Lídia Pereira, Silvio Lorusso, Template, Δεριζαματζορ Προμπλεμ ιναυστραλια

All contributions to the zine, unless otherwise specified, are licensed under the GNU General Public License1.

Fauno's contribution is licensed under the Peer Production License2.

1: https://GNU.org/copyleft/gpl.html
2: http://p2pfoundation.net/Peer_Production_License