App Fiction

App Fiction

With ‘Online Doubled’ users can experience social networks in a different way!

IF :
-> You are a user who reposts stuff that you like,
-> You are keen on posting a link and adding a smiley or not adding anything,
-> You are a person who is profiting from the information overload and you find from the abundance of opinions on­line one that suits you best, instead of wasting ime to write your own,
-> You don’t engage in long debates and you follow the fast pace of the Internet, trying to catch the most of it,

Then this tool is for you!

‘Online Doubled’ is a new search engine to help users find others with similar likes and fascinations.

First you must log in to your Facebook profile through our application. Then your profile will be analyzed and all the links you have posted will be gathered. Afterwards this information will be compared to other people’s shared content. The app searches for other users who have posted the same links and shared the same opinions as you. As a result you will be presented with a ranked list showing you similar users, ordered by degree of resemblance to your content. The more descriptive you are, the more people you will find. You will then be able to connect with them!

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