Algorithmic Feeling

The algorithmic feeling - how much i love you in the most numerical way possible - i forgot to tell you what i meant but fortunately i recorded it in the database so you can just replay that at any time and for all intents and purposes it's pretty much indistinguishable from me.
Think of all the emotions you have these days - loving, liking, expressing the desire to embody someone's physical appearance - think of all the ways in which desire is reducible to something tangible and calculable - how did people love when there were no game controllers? the past is one of those mysteries that would be impossible without the right algorithms (without the right ideas generated from the right virus programs) you know they like you when nothing on your feed is sacred - yeah so expression is truncated but think of reproducibility and speed and volume. never before has an entire hive of bees liked the pictures i take of myself. never before has being invisible been so social. find what you love and do everything mathematically possible to maintain the highest probability of remaining connected to it.