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We've also collected a bit of history of Eagle Rank requirements as taken from old handbooks of the Boy Scouts of America and other materials of interest to Scouts and Scouters. If a board of review is to be held three to six months afterward, the applicable District Advancement Chair has the authority to preapprove it. To initiate approval, the candidate, his parent or guardian, the unit leader, or a unit committee member attaches to the application a statement explaining the delay.

Upon completion of the Eagle Scout Service Project and all other requirements for the rank of Eagle Scout, the Scout will be required to submit the completed Eagle Scout Award Application with supporting documentation including the Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook to the Eagle Scout Service at the Great Rivers Council Service Center.

Over the more than 100 years since the first Eagle, a formal application process has evolved that is important in maintaining the award's well-recognized prestige. Only the Eagle Scout rank application goes to the council after the board of review. If the three month period is exceeded the scout must petition the council advancement committee for a time extension to sit a board between the three and six month period following his birthday.

Eagle Scout Service Project form. The Eagle Scout Candidate along with the Project Beneficiary Organization will set this standard. Visit the NESA website for NESA Eagle Scout membership and scholarship opportunities. For advancement information, please see the Venturing Handbook or visit the National Venturing Awards page.

Find biographical information on key leadership and how the association is structured at the national, regional, and council level. I recommend a color copy be given to the Eagle Board of Review Chair; black and white copies should suffice for the other Board members.

While merit badges are awarded only when all requirements are met as stated, alternate merit badges may be authorized when the Scout cannot earn a required merit badge. If there are no problems, an email is sent to the Scout, parents, unit leader, committee chairman and district Eagle Coordinator informing that the application has been forwarded to the district.

If the candidate expects to raise contributions of moneys, materials, supplies or tools that in the aggregate will not exceed $10,000.00, approval is delegated to the Noisetrade.Com District Advancement Committee or District Advancement Committee Chair, according to District policy.

Eagle Scout service projects are individual matters. The unit should have copies of all advancement reports submitted to the Council Service Center. Eagle Requirements: The 2014 Eagle Scout Application highlights the option of earning the new Sustainability Merit Badge as an alternative to Environmental Science.

2) Scroll down to the "Rank Advancement" section, find the link for "Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook No. 512-927, and left click. Attach the Application for Alternative Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges, if applicable. If a Scout is given a discount at the time of purchasing materials that was not solicited by the Scout it is OK to accept it and the form is not required.

Longs Peak Council Float Plan Form - For all trips in which watercraft will be used, a float plan is required by BSA's Guide to Safe Scouting, Safety Afloat program. The Eagle Scout rank is a life-long achievement that's always carried a special significance.